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Welcome to

Enlightened Entrepreneurs!

Coaching Group supporting you on your journey as an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Each month we have two live Group Coaching Sessions. 

Plus you have access to a library of Meditations and Trainings by navigating to Library or Monthly Themes.

Message from Shola

How to get the most from Enlightened Entrepreneurs am so excited to welcome you on this Journey.

I really want this is to be a catalyst for your
Health, Happiness and Success.
Each month our Live Coaching Sessions focus on
Personal, Professional and Profitable.
We start the month with an Alignment Meditation and goal setting. Week two is our Live Coaching Session, week three is all about implementation and at the end of the month we have another powerful Coaching Session, where you get to ask questions, share successes, recieve  direction and leave feeling Energised and back on track!.

I’m here to support You.


Tech Note

Make sure your computer is running the latest software, to get the best experience.
Using Chrome or Safari are our recommended browsers.

Make sure everything runs smoothly, by always logging out when you have finished.
This protects your privacy and ensures everything runs optimally for you.


In Enlightened Entrepreneurs, we create all your worksheets and additional resources as Pdfs.

This ensures you can easily download and open them from whatever browser or OS you are using.

You will need Adobe Reader though, it’s free and you can download it HERE.

Accountability Sessions

This here is worth your entire investment in yourself. Why? Because being Accountable to Yourself, your Community here at Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Shola as your Guide, Leader and Mentor is the difference between winning and not finishing the race. Accountability is that magical creative place where what you say and what you do meet. That’s where Magic happens. Don’t forget to Join us on Facebook, especially at the end of each month for our
Accountability Accelerators!